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Happy Animal Farming

Hé, wanna go to Disneyland?

This is who we are

CSSF is a cooperative that pushes the boundaries for smart sustainable farming.

Front runners among farming companies, tech companies and knowledge institutions work together with other relevant stakeholders to stimulate a system change in the agri-food domain in order to fulfill the (coming) needs of the society and avoiding the negative impact of the sector that puts our long term food provision at risk.

Summary Agrifood Challenges

AgriFood challenges are big challenges for the next generations with an increasing world population in combination with global developments that endangers sufficient food supply like climate change resulting in more extremes occurring in the weather system (rising temperatures, drought, heavy rains), soil degradation & pollution, and biodiversity loss.

Big societal challenges in agrifood are also related to human health , to diet change and to animal welfare.

Challenge Happy Animal Farming

The media almost weekly reports about animal welfare or lack thereof. We see images of animals being stored as if they are raw materials. Because of these media reports more and more people are calling for ways to give farm animals a better life

The challenge: Design a “Disneyland” like amusement park for animals so farm animals have a more pleasant life instead of being just a consumer good stored in an animal warehouse.

This is why your input is valuable!

Consumers become increasingly aware of the circumstances in which animals are kept to produce their steak, ham & eggs, hamburger or chicken breast. Restaurants and supermarkets respond to that trend by offering eggs and meat with animal welfare certification. Wouldn’t it be great if your ideas get adopted as a state of the art implementation of a “Beter leven” (better life) 1, 2 or even 3 star certificate?


Desired Outcomes

  • Creative concepts
  • Technical solutions
  • Outside the box thinking
  • State of the art overviews are appreciated.

Follow up

Depending on the use case we can organize a visit to a relevant frontrunner farming or tech company. We can also provide a follow-up assignment that can fit with a course / educational project where you can earn credits while working on the follow-up assignment, and who knows, possibly leading to a student team participating in an international competition or to a startup?

Inspiration and background for this challenge

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Farmbot in education